About Us

The Dab Hand Group is summarised very well through it’s name, an informal expression of British slang meaning ‘a person who is an expert at a particular activity‘. Simply put, we really aim to be the best at everything we do – and we’ve demonstrated this many a time so far!

Harry Lang working on his laptop in the Sun

Humble Beginnings

Dab Hand Group was founded by Harry Lang back in 2015 when he decided that it was time to start trading professionally and up his game as a freelancer. Since then, Harry has overseen completion of upwards of 350+ projects with various established businesses and startups alike.

Some of the recognisable names include The Lad Bible, Betfair, CodeClan, Skn Clinics, Mister Minit and Leffler Leather Merchants.


Future Plans

At present, Dab Hand Group have been focused on implementing business development packages including their newly releeased ‘Business Starter Shopify Package.’

This aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs and startups hit the ground running with everything their e-commerce business might need. This will include corporate identity creation, graphic design, creation of a fully functioning website (through either Shopify) SEO, G-suite setup and various other bits and pieces

Overall, Dab Hand Group are intending to be involved move actual growing and setup of startups and new businesses.

Thinking of starting a business? Check out our Business Starter Package for shopify here:

Harry Lang working on his laptop in the Sun
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