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So, you’ve had an idea?

It’s time to make it happen!

At Dab Hand Group, we understand that you need to get something up and running – and you need to do it fast! In this ‘Shopify Business Starter’ package, we work with you to create everything you and your dream business need to get going using one of our ready to go, pre-made shopify themes.

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£750.00 £450.00

How We Can Help

In this package, we’ll create your brand, help secure relevant domain names, setup your branded shopify store, create engaging content, optimise your site for search engines, setup a powerful email system for your team, and supply relevant legal documentation for use on your site. Pretty much everything you need to hit the ground running.

Partnered with some of our other service packages (such as social media, adwords or instagram growth) and you will most certainly be off to a flying start!

What's included?

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the backbone to your business. Simply put, it’s the name, colours, font choice, and visual style of your logo. But it’s runs much deeper than that. Corporate identity is who you are trying to present yourself as a business. You may have a fantastic product or idea, but if there’s no strong corporate identity behind the product – your business will most certainly suffer as a result.

In this package, we’ll transform your vision into a unique and recognisable identity that reflects your business well. We include unlimited concepts and amendments on your logo design – and the end result will set the direction for any additional marketing assets you may wish to purchase.

Ready to go Shopify Store

In order to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, we make use of our ‘ready to go’ shopify themes, populating them with your content and customising it all to reflect your brand. You won’t need to pay for a Shopify subscription while we are building our site – we have that catered for! You’ll only pay once we transfer the store into your name!



Without quality content, your business will struggle to inspire it’s audience to purchase from you or even re-visit your site. That’s why we take content seriously – drafting high quality, SEO friendly content that really catches your audience, blows competition out of the water and ultimately aims to drive a higher level conversions.*

Unlimited stock imagery + graphics are also included as part of the package.

* Max 1,000 words. Additional content can be purchased on checkout. Video content not included.

Product Uploading

For large stores, this is undoubtedly an incredibly time consuming (and pretty damn boring) process! Let us do the heavy lifting of product uploads – that’s why we include the uploading of max 50 products in this package.

Need more? You can purchase more in the checkout or just request more at a later date!

Legal Policies

As of 2019, it is a legal requirement for all websites to include a privacy policy document which informs users what information you collect from them on your site, along with how this information is used, any third parties involved in information handling and steps on how they can opt out. In this package, we’ll provide a professionally written privacy policy template which will be tailored to your specific site.

We can also provide other ready to go legal documentation – such as delivery policies, returns policies, and website use terms and conditions based on your specific requirements.

* These are ready to go policies. If you require bespoke policies please enquire.

Domain Name

Alongside creating the brand, it’s important to ensure that the business’ domain name is available. A domain name is link in the search engine that your users would find your business online. For example, ours is In this package, we include the purchase of one or .com domain name.*

* Additional domain names available on request. Subject to availability.

G-Suite Setup

First Month Free!

Now that your shopify store is well underway – you’ll need some way to communicate with customers your clients, right? G-Suite is part of the Google family and is probably the number one platform to access and use emails, especially as your team grows.

In this package you’ll get a flawless setup with G-Suite / G-Mail and we’ll even throw in your first month for free. Ongoing subscription is around £4.50 per user (alias’s like sales@ or hello@ are included for free) 

* G-Suite subscription required. Does not include migration of any existing email accounts. G-Suite T&Cs apply.


This is often a factor overlooked by new business. They have a website which they adore – but does our good friend uncle google love it as well? The answer is often no, simply because SEO tasks have either been put on the back burners or has been ignored completely. That’s why with this package, we undertake the basics of SEO to ensure that your site appears higher up the search rankings.