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So, you need a brand? Let’s get this show on the road!

Behind every successful business is a phenomenal brand and identity. With Dab Hand Group’s corporate identity package, your brand will be no different!

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Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a vision for business, or an already established business - your corporate identity (aka brand) is the backbone of everything you do. Your corporate identity reflects your product(s), who you are as a business, your values and even your price range (for example, the colour orange is often associated with low cost products)

At Dab Hand Group we have a magnitude of experience with creating quality brands that leave a lasting mark within their target market.

The Process

Stage One - Discovery Phase

Creating your corporate identity first involves discovering what you are trying to achieve with your business. Our questionnaire will primarily help us understand what you, as a business, are trying achieve, along with your product portfolio and target audience.

With a full understanding of what you are tying to achieve, our team will be able to create a logo which matches your brand personality 100%.

Stage Two - Brainstorming

Further to the discovery phase we will guide you through the process of brainstorming. This phase involves gathering all the ideas you have in terms of presenting your business to your target audience. For example, the colours you feel reflect your price point or the font choice you feel projects your brand personality to your audience. This stage is generally the most exciting.

Stage Three - Concept Creation

Having identified everything that will embody your brand, our design guru's are will be able to begin creating a series of initial design concepts. These concepts will be shown to you and from there, we can then review together and gather your feedback. This process is repeated until the final logo is created.

Stage Four - Finalise & Implementation

Now that our logo has been finalised, we are able to implement our ideas across the full brand. See our graphic design page for more info on design or check out how your brand can be rolled out across digital mediums (such as websites, social media and motion graphics)

Some Things To Consider

Whether your brand is just a loose idea in your head, or whether you know your dream brand inside and here's some things to consider and questions to ask yourself when you are creating your brand. 


This may seem like an obvious one, but does your name reflect who you are as a business? Your service offering? Or is it a quirky, rememberable word that your target audience will like?

What you do

This, again, might seem obvious - but have you specifically define what exactly it is as a business you will be doing? It’s very easy to get scatter-brained and have too many ideas and things you are trying to achieve which makes it difficult for your clients to understand and has a negative effect on your corporate identity and business as a whole.

Target Audience

If it’s a wide audience, or a perhaps something very niche - it’s important to define who your target audience are. This will have a huge impact on what kind of a corporate identity you create for this audience. 

Price Range

Having worked with numerous startups, this is something that has often been given minimal thought. It’s crucial for creating an appropriate corporate identity to match your intended price range. For example, orange is often a colour associated with low cost / cheapness (think easy jet) - so using that as the main colour for a high quality business selling high ticket items may be a silly move!

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