Wiser Plumbing & Heating

The Project

Based in Edinburgh and Midlothians, Wiser Plumbing & Heating are a new startup plumbing and heating business who were looking for a trendy, modern new brand to offer refreshing look in a very busy market. Alongside the corporate identity, Wiser also required a set of slick business cards and a professional website for their face to face marketing efforts.

End Result

For Wiser Plumbing & Heating brand, we implemented  – this was achieved through a flame (relating to the heating side of the business) in place of the dot above the i and a water drop added to the final letter to visually relate back to the plumbing side of the business.

This corporate identity was later rolled out into a bespoke wordpress website with various internal pages describing each of the services and showcasing some of Wiser’s work.

Check out the website here:

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